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DL Menuiserie your specialist in blind at Bordeaux


In search of privacy and insulation against the sun’s rays, DL menuiserie ensures the acquisition of the best awnings possible thanks to its excellent network of suppliers and expertise.

Are the temperatures getting hot? Do you want more privacy? This is the perfect time to consider installing blinds to your windows.

Why install awnings?

Blinds are an economical way to manage the indoor and outdoor temperature of your home. Your windows are sources of warmth for your indoor temperature. To avoid the installation of a ventilation or air conditioning system, consider installing blinds! Awnings are less expensive but of high quality, they are an effective way to fight against summer heat and ensure your privacy!

Interior or exterior awning?

Interior awning? Exterior awning? The interior awning is often lighter and more refined, it will have a design and decorative function that is more pronounced than the exterior awnings, which have to withstand heat aggressions for example.

Thanks to its expertise and professionalism DL menuiserie helps you in your choice of awning and accompanies you from A to Z in your project! Awning awning for terrace and balcony? Awning for Veranda? window awning or privacy blind? Italian blind? Pergolas? Variety and quality will be proposed to you by DL Menuiserie!

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