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DL Menuiserie your specialist in window at Bordeaux

Quality windows for every budget!

DL Menuiserie makes it a point of honour to offer you the best products in terms of insulation so that you can enjoy optimum thermal comfort. You will thus be able to make consequent savings in terms of heating and electricity with the replacement of your joinery.

That’s also the values of DL Menuiserie: allowing you to make significant energy savings!

According to your home DL Menuiserie  will find the window or windows most adapted and aesthetic to the style of your house.

The window is both an asset charm and a solution for better insulation. If you have a preference for installing wooden windows, or aluminium windows, or PVC windows, our window carpenters in Bordeaux and Gironde will be there for you. Recognised for over 20 years in the design and installation of windows in Bordeaux, our carpenters will also be able to offer you tailor-made windows that meet your tastes and your comfort needs.

Wooden or aluminium windows?

In search of warmth, beauty and solidity, choose our wooden windows. We design the best solutions in terms of wooden windows based on your needs and tastes. We can help you choose the right wooden window for your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, but we also offer the best advice on how to maintain such windows.

If you want a window that combines strength, quality and aesthetics, the aluminium window and custom-made window are designed for you. Contact us to find out more about our window services in Bordeaux, whether wooden or aluminium windows.

PVC window: the star of the window

A lighter need, very insulating, and without any particular maintenance, the PVC window is recommended. Very simple to maintain, easy to handle and install, the window is known for providing better thermal insulation of the house or apartment. Bordeaux and Gironde being subject to great climatic variations according to the seasons, the PVC window is ideal to counter its temperature changes and thus better manage your energy consumption. The PVC window is also ideal for sound insulation.

A quality service guaranteed from A to Z integrating the work of measurement, installation and adjustment guarantees our professionalism. The adaptability of our team and our collaboration with the best partners ensure that our products are available and windows are installed quickly.

Whatever your budget, you’ll find the windows you need.
Our team of specialists will accompany you and advise you in the choice of your windows according to your use and available space, so that they correspond exactly to your expectations and desires. It is important to take into account that the change of its carpentry is an important step in the life cycle of a house so it is essential to be accompanied by a professional.

Window quotation in Bordeaux and Gironde

For DL Menuiserie to accompany you in the elaboration of your project or to know our prices on windows, complete the window’s quotation which is at your disposal. It is free of charge and we promise to respond within 48 hours.

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